Your support is vital to the realization of our mission.
group of kids holding their hands

Different ways are available for you to promote our mission of helping underprivileged members of the community. You can do the following:

  • Make a donation – You can make a financial contribution to First Class Association of Washington State for any amount you can generously give. Your financial aid will be added to our funds which will then be used for the implementation of charity programs designed for the benefit of our recipients.
  • Become a sponsor – A sponsorship deal provides mutual benefit both to you and to our recipients. We can put your brand prominently in our activities, carrying out your corporate social responsibility of helping the community. On the other hand, our recipients get to receive financial support from you so they can also acquire essential necessities.
  • Become a volunteer – Our programs will not be complete without our volunteers. As a volunteer, you get to assist us in either office work or in the field, depending on the talent or skill you possess. Put your talent into something meaningful by volunteering now.

If you want to know more options on how you can promote our cause, please call 425-737-3885 or 425-314-2132.