What we've been through and what we hope to accomplish

Mission Statement

FIRSTCLASS ASSOCIATION OF WASHINGTON STATE is a nonprofit organization devoted to bringing smiles to underprivileged people and families in our community and the developing countries around the world by providing essential goods, services, and educational resources.

Our Short History

group of volunteers

In 2009, First Class Social Club of Seattle was founded by a small group of Liberians in Seattle, Washington. The initial purpose of the club was to support one another in times of difficulties and merriment.

By July 2017, the club was transformed into First Class Association of Washington State (FCA), a non-profit organization with a 501(c)(3) status. Since the founding of our organization, we have embodied the principle of cooperation. Even though we have just been recently established, FCA has already provided support to a number of our members and our community who have faced and are currently facing challenging situations.

For FCA and our members, finding pleasure in providing services to others has always been our core value while also remaining focused on our mission of bringing smiles—not only to underprivileged people/family in our community, but also to the developing countries around the world.

If you’d like to aid us in our cause, please call 425-737-3885 or 425-314-2132.